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Marion Mays is a sought after media commentator on a range of wealth and finance issues. She is able to communicate complex matters in simple terms.


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Australian women are investing in property more than ever (featured article)

Women are increasingly doing it for themselves when it comes to investing in property. Marion contributed to this recent article on women investing in property on

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Australian women are investing in property more than ever (featured article)

Marion contributed to this recent article for MPM Property on the gender pay gap and the effects on women investing in property.

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How to save money and grow wealth at any stage in life (featured article)

In the below article with Mums at the Table, Marion and Kate McCallum discuss how simple and easy it can be to make money part of your life at any stage. Read full article on the Mums at the Table website here.

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Marion discusses the benefits of investing in NDIS properties (featured article)

Marion recently spoke with Domain about investing in NDIS property. The landscape has changed and we are seeing more customised housing that is both aesthetically pleasing in design but also lends itself to easily be modified for resale purposes to potential home owners.

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Marion named Top Ten Property Specialists 2020

Marion was selected as one of The Top Ten Property Specialists of 2020 by The Property Investor.

This award recognises the outstanding contribution made by Marion, and other individual property experts around the world over the past twelve months.

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Marion talks financial literacy with The Table TV panel

Marion recently joined The Table TV to talk about the importance of financial literacy and the prevention of financial abuse.

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“It can be life-changing”: Why this CEO wants others to donate their old cars to people experiencing homelessness

Smart Company feature Marion Mays life changing homelessness story

July 15, 2020

This year the Vinnies CEO Sleepout looked different due to COVID-19; many chose to sleep out in their backyard or on the couch. Mays wanted to replicate the experience of women experiencing homelessness, who often end up living and sleeping in their car.

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Marion Mays donated her car to a woman facing homelessness. She wants other CEOs to do the same

Women's Agenda features Marion Mays inspiring story

July 14, 2020

“As I become involved with the St Vincent de Paul Society and I put my ignorance and subjective bias aside... my whole belief system around homelessness changed,”

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Sustainability: The New Luxury for Property Buyers in 2020

Urban Article by Marion Mays

July 01, 2020

The majority of Australians are very much aware and concerned about how climate change is affecting their lives, and for those looking to purchase property, this concern is being translated into the sustainability features and attributes buyers are seeking today...

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10 signs that someone you love is being financially abusive

Money Magazine asks for Marion Mays' 10 tips for fighting financial abuse

Marion Mays featured on Money Making Conversations Talk Show

Multiple Emmy Award Winning TV Producer Rushion McDonald interviews Marion Mays

The Gender PayGap: Still Real and Still Painful in 2020

Womens Network Australia

No Pay Gap In Property - why more women should invest.

Australian Property Investors Magazine interviews Marion Mays

Unstoppable Women in Australia's Finance Industry

Marion Mays wins prestigious award

FEW Recognition of Thalia Stanley Group for Contribution

Founder Marion Mays recognised for her contribution to financial literacy and mentorship

How To Fund Your Escape From An Abusive Relationship

Marion speaks to Financy about financial abuse and provides advice for getting your finances in order when looking to escape from an abusive relationship.

SKY news TV interview for Big CEO sleepout

Marion Mays Interviewed by Sky News

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Marion features on Women's Network Australia, sharing her story of what motivated her to participate in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Big Hearts Brave The Chill

Marion features in this Herald Sun article, where she discusses why she is so passionate about supporting the Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Wealth Mentor Sleeps on Streets to Fight Epidemic of Homeless Women

Thalia Stanley Group

Sydney and Melbourne lead April drop in home values

 Mortgage Business

Why investing is so important in wealth building

Women's Network Australia

Financial abuse reaching 'epidemic proportions'

Sydney Morning Herald

Standing on solid ground

Inside Small Business

Women must get loud on financial abuse

Marion talks to Financy about financial abuse in its current state and why more must be done to create awareness and take action.

Poor financial literacy leaves workers stuck on the debt treadmill

Marion Mays writes for Money.

Misunderstanding credit cards places families in trouble, research suggests

Marion joins research spokeswoman in the Herald Sun in providing suggestions for getting off the debt treadmill.

Financial tips for women

In At the Table's 'The Money Issue', Marion shares her tips for money management for the different stages of your life.

The five most common property investment mistakes and how to avoid them

Marion has identified five key mistakes she commonly sees from investors and shares them here for Domain.

Small money tweaks can lead to sustainable financial changes

In this article Marion reflects on how Australians many treat money too much like a new year’s resolution - and what the alternative is.

Back to school budgeting

Marion shares some suggestions for some savings in the lead up to the school year on MumsDelivery. 

It’s time to stop treating your finances like a fad diet

Marion writes for Money about how many Aussies treat their budgeting and saving like a fad diet and importantly, what to do instead.

Sydney & Melbourne - What To Expect In 2018

Marion shares her views in this article for Australian Property Investor.

The biggest money suckers in your home you might not know about

Marion shares on Domain the top 3 factors to pay attention to to save hundreds.

Not going overboard with celebration spending

Marion Mays shares her tips for this Money & Life article on how to how to keep celebration or one-off special occasion spending under control.

How to buy a house this year

Marion contributes to this Cosmopolitan special about how to make 2018 the year you smash your life goals.

Share house residents are resorting to renting living rooms by the minute: experts

In this article for Domain, she shares her thoughts on its potential here in Australia.

Christmas on a budget

Marion Mays shares some ways with which you can cut costs and prepare for this Christmas season that won’t break the bank on MumsDelivery.

The Many Faces of Domestic Abuse

As the nwly appointed White Ribbon Advocate, Marion talks about the complexity of the issue and what we, as a society can do to better support women affected by domestic abuse.

Save $$$ for Christmas

Marion shares her tips with New Idea for cutting everyday spending so you can afford more of what you want this holiday season and not blow your budget.

How to stop spending leaks from costing you hundreds every month

Marion Mays gives insight to News.Com.Au into some of the small costs that often catch out consumers and how she works with clients to better track spending.

Why women should invest, but don’t

Marion Mays shares her views in this article with My Money Making Magazine.

Female Investors Boost Super With Property

Your Investment Property

Women making up for what they don’t have in super by investing in property: Property Council of Australia

Marion Mays talks to Domain about the rising engagement of women using property to gain financial security.

Housing affordability is changing Aussie culture

Marion Mays comments on the results of a recent home ownership survey with Mozo.

Home ownership not a priority for one in three: Rising prices ‘changing Australian culture’

One in every three people no longer holds onto this aspiration, a new survey reveals. Marion discusses this with Domain.

What Are The Long-Term Prospects For The Eastern Capitals?

Marion Mays and two other analysts share their forecasts on these aforementioned property markets in this article for Your Investment Property

9 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Get Your Investment Loan Approved Despite The APRA Crackdown

Want to get more investment loans? These remarkably simple but powerful tips from Australia’s leading finance experts including Marion Mays might help.

How to deal with the new investor lending landscape post-APRA clamp down

Marion Mays, alongside other Australian industry experts, shares her insight in this article with Property Market Insider

First Home Buying vs Rentvesting

In this article, Marion writes about why first home buyers should consider using property investments

Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists

Marion Mays, Founder of Thalia Stanley Group has been named one of Australia's Top Ten Property Specialists by The Property Investor magazine.

The truth about homelessness- are we turning a blind eye?

Marion Mays, the founder of Thalia Stanley Group, is hoping to break this stigma and correct the common belief held around the “homeless epidemic” in Australia.

Vinnies CEO Sleep Out means business by curbing homelessness

Business Acumen Magazine

Heated house market hits a ceiling in Sydney and Melbourne

Here Marion talks with The Australian about what's in store for the Victorian property market post 30 June.

Victorian Buyers Should Consider Off-The-Plan

Marion shares her thoughts on this with Your Investment Property

How close is too close when it comes to having amenities at your doorstop?

Marion Mays shares your insights with Domain

How to buy the right property at the right price

Marion Mays, Founder of Thalia Stanley Group shares her advice with

Changes to stamp duty and what this means for first home buyers

Marion Mays writes as a guest for Property Observer on what the recent Victorian State Government announcement on changes to stamp duty means for first home buyers.

Does the pending apartment glut make buying off the plan a risky investment?

In this article Marion Mays shares her views, experience and tips for buying off the plan.

What I wouldn’t buy: five successful investors share their advice

Domain asked five successful property investors including Marion to share a few of their hard-won secrets – namely, what they’d never spend their own money on.

All I Want for Christmas Is...

Marion Mays, founder and director of Thalia Stanley suggests giving the gift of property this Christmas

Should You Purchase A Property This Holiday Season?

Instead of splurging your savings or racking up debt this holiday season, why not invest in a property for the long term benefit of your family?

Smart Moves If You Work For Yourself

If you are self-employed, chances are you will have relatively little super savings or none at all. What can be done?

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